How to Get IRS Tax Relief

If you owe Uncle Sam money, you know how scary -and frustrating- this can be. You probably don’t know where to turn or where to reach out for help, yet letting this sink under the table isn’t an option. There are a few options for tax relief. It’s best that you find professional tax relief services near me to help you get back on the right track when you owe the IRS money.

IRS Payment Plans

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Many people who owe Uncle Sam money use a payment plan initiated by the IRS to repay the money they owe. There are short-term and long-term payment plan options available. This is also the most common type of IRS relief people seek.

Offers in Compromise

An offer in compromise is another option that people who owe the IRS money can use to get out of the debt. You must apply to receive an offer in compromise, which costs just about $200. Once an application is completed, you’ll need to make an initial payment to activate the plan.

Currently Not Collectable

Currently Not Collectable is another IRS tax relief option, although not everyone qualifies for this offer. If you’re unable to pay living expenses in addition to the IRS payment, this relief option may be available. It’s always a good idea to talk to a lawyer should you plan to file this status.

Final Word

Don’t try to run from the IRS to avoid paying the debt that you owe because it just won’t happen. In fact, it’s going to make things much worse when the day is done. Talk to a lawyer, talk to the IRS, and get relief when you need it the most. The options above are a few choices that can help you avoid the headaches of IRS debt.

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